Mobile Detailing in Kennewick

We offer automotive detailing services throughout Kennewick.

Meet One of Our Kennewick Customers

I have been a satisfied customer of First Priority Detail for over 4 years. Not only have they saved me time, they have saved me money. In a day and age where time is a such a valuable commodity, their business model is completely geared toward the customer at meeting my needs on my schedule, where I can continue my daily routine without skipping a beat and know that I am being taken care of. 

I have used automatic car washes, manual car washes, and even washed my vehicle at home with my pressure washer. Not once has my vehicle came out as clean as when First Priority Detail does it. 

I am always getting comments from others about how clean my vehicle looks and they are always shocked that First Priority Detail comes to me to wash my vehicle. The employees have been amazing to work with, always friendly, always happy, and always professional. 

— Ron Swanby
Kennewick, Washington


Ask Ron:

Why choose First Priority Detail?

The convenience of their service is top shelf.

They have come to my work, to my home, to my church, and even to the golf course, to take care of my vehicle.

Ron Says:

First Priority Detail ROCKS!

They make me feel like I am part of their family.

That is why I trust them, use them, and recommend them.

Don't Forget We Have Gift Certificates


Know a time strapped professional? What better gift to get them than a professional auto detailing package. We have gift certificates available in any denomination.