We detail planes, helicopters and other aircraft

Whether you own a private airplane or run a commercial airline enterprise, you need a professional aircraft detailing team that you can trust.

First Priority Detail, we are proud to say that we have over 20 years of experience working on vehicles of all types and sizes, including all types of aircraft.

Helicopter getting detailed

Benefits of Aircraft Detailing

Of course, you want your plane to look great, but did you know that aircraft detailing has other benefits?

  • Happy passengers

    Passengers take notice when a plane has been cleaned with care and precision. Not only does it make the flight more enjoyable, it instills confidence in the fact that the plane is well cared for.


  • Improved Performance

    Exterior paint can become worn and corroded over time. Removing signs of oxidation and corrosion before they spread can extend the life of your plane.  Washing, waxing, and touching up a plane’s exterior can reduce drag, protect your plane from future damage, and save you money on fuel costs in the long run.


  • Retain Value

    Like any vehicle, an aircraft starts depreciating the moment it is purchased. Having your aircraft detailed regularly can keep both the interior and exterior of your airplane in top shape, reducing repair and replacement costs down the road.

In Hangar Mobile Detailing?

Obviously, you can’t just drive your plane to any detail shop to have it detailed. You need a mobile aircraft detailing team that can come to your hangar with everything needed to get the job done.


Don’t have electricity or water hookups? No problem. We bring the shop to you to give you mobile detailing that is not only comprehensive, but also convenient.


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