Don't let your boat bring you down.

Boats spend an inordinate amount of time in dirty, wet environments.  But they’re not meant to stay that way. Professional boat detailing is a great way to keep your boat looking great and saving yourself money in the long run.

Sun, salt water, acid rain and other elements can cause damage to your boat’s exterior surfaces, while mold, dirt, and grime can make its interior surfaces smelly and unbearable. Without regular cleaning, oxidation, water spots, and corrosion can affect the integrity of your boat and leave you with costly repairs.


What does professional boat detailing entail?

Unlike many other detailers, who require you to bring your boat in for cleaning, we bring the shop to you. We will come to your home, office, or slip to perform a full-service detail on site.

  • Exterior Boat Detailing

    We’ll remove any water spots before cleaning, polishing, and waxing all exterior surfaces. Your windows will be clean and streak free, and your gel coat will shine like new.

  • Interior Boat Detailing

    We’ll perform a deep cleaning of interior and below deck compartments, including shampooing carpeted areas, conditioning vinyl and leather surfaces. Our odor and mold remediation processes will ensure any mustiness will be gone, replaced with the sweet scent of cleanliness.

When Should I Have My Boat Detailed?

We generally recommend getting a professional boat detailing 2 times per year. It’s generally a good rule of thumb to at least have your boat professionally cleaned before you put it away for the winter.


At First Priority Detail, we perform full-service boat detailing on vessels of all types and sizes. Big or small, new or old, we’ll make sure you boat is looking its best.